Fast and Simple Formulas you can use to Get Low Cost Car Insurance

If you’ve ever let an Agent or Car Insurance Company “help” set-up up your car insurance policy, I guarantee you’re overpaying by at least 50% because you’ve let them hold your hand and guide your decisions….which automatically doubles your car insurance costs because they get paid on commission – the more you pay, the more they make.

If you’ve ever thought those TV and Radio commercials were “just the thing for you” – I guarantee that if you buy into their promises now of “lower car insurance rates”, you’ll be steaming mad in 18 months when they raise your insurance rates due to a “Market Adjustment”.

Do you trust your Politicians?  Didn’t think so.  Here’s another reason not to – many State Politicians allow car insurance companies to add expensive and useless coverages to your policy….and the only way to get it removed is for you to cancel it….in writing.  Bet you didn’t know that.

Selling car insurance coverage is a License to Print Money….and car insurance companies know that most folks don’t know how to set up their car insurance policy….so they overpay each and every year they drive.

Here are the three reasons why you are overpaying for car insurance now….and why shopping for car insurance is the last thing you should do:

As you read earlier, picking up the phone and calling one of the car insurance companies that spends $500+ million a year on advertising is not the way to lower your car insurance.

To get the absolute lowest cost car insurance, all you have to do is:

  1. Implement a few common-sense rules and a few little-known strategies that will show you how to modify your coverage to get the exact coverage you need at the lowest possible cost (expected savings of up to 50%).
  2. And if you’re greedy (like me)….shop for Coverage from Car Insurance Companies (not the ones you see on TV and hear on the Radio) that offer new customers fantastic coverage and a significant discount (expected savings of up to another 17%)

Here’s just a sampling of the practical, everyday, nitty-gritty tips, tricks, and tactics you’ll discover in this amazing guide….

  • You’ve Gotten a Ticket…and Your Rates Are Going To Go Through the Roof: That’s true – your car insurance rates will go up fifteen to twenty percent and stay that way for the next three years.  No big deal.  Just implement the Car Insurance Formulas and you’ll cut your total car insurance costs by up to 50%.
  • You Get Hit By Another Driver, It’s Not Your Fault, And Your Car Insurance Rate Go Up Anyway: Yep, your rates can go up ten to twenty percent for the next three years, even if it’s not your fault.  Use the Car Insurance Formulas to “get even” with your car insurance company and make that rate increase meaningless.
  • Don’t Have Health Insurance – Or Do You Have Inadequate Health Insurance?: Find out how you can buy Health Insurance for a couple of pennies a day….compliments of your car insurance company.
  • Why Your Car Insurance Company or Agent Doesn’t Want to Talk About Your Vehicles Safety Features: There are 9 very well known safety features your vehicle might have and you’re probably only getting a discount for 2 or 3.  Find out how to get a complete list of your vehicles safety features and what to say to your car insurance company to get up to a 15% discount.
  • Lifestyle and Behavior Discounts You’re Missing Out On: 24 examples or real life discounts you might qualify for that your car insurance company will rarely ever tell you about – and that means you might be missing out on an additional 10% discount. 
  • Four Financial Strategies that No Car Insurance Company Advertises: By using these four strategies, you can wrestle another 6% discount from your Car Insurance Company.
  • How One Simple Change To Your Car Insurance Can Cut Your Costs Up To 40%: Why Car Insurance Companies use “scare tactics” to get you to overpay for this required coverage – and it cost’s you a fortune.
  • Why Those Driving Older Cars Are Throwing Money Away: See the costly mistake that people make when they insure an older car like a new one – and how to eliminate this coverage if you don’t need it.
  • Scary Legal Issues and Why You Overpay For This Required Coverage: How car insurance companies get you to pay three times what you should be paying – and how to beat them at their own game.
  • A Huge Mistake that the Wealthy Make when Insuring their Vehicles: See the costly blunder that many folks with substantial assets make – and why they could be putting all their wealth at risk.
  • What 2 Changes You Must Make To This Required Coverage If You Want To Save Any Money: How to pay the absolute minimum for this coverage – and you can implement these 2 changes in less than 47 seconds.
  • How Many State Politicians Got Into The Car Insurance Business and Why It’s Costing You A Bundle: You’ll be outraged at what your politicians have done.  I’ll show you how to gut the cost for this coverage if you must have it – and make it clear, once and for all, who doesn’t need this coverage they’ve been paying on for years.
  • Why Those Who Live In No-Fault States Pay 19% More For Car Insurance – And What To Do About It: 13 States require no-fault coverage – See how to cut the cost of that coverage by up to 50% by doing two simple things.
  • Another Coverage (Created By Politicians) That Adds a Bundle To Your Insurance Costs: This little beauty – called Personal Injury Protection (PIP) is required in 16 States – I’ll show you two techniques to cut this cost dramatically.
  • The Medical Coverage/Medical Payments Fiasco: Find out who is required by law to have this coverage, who doesn’t and why 40% of those who don’t need it….are paying for coverage they don’t need.
  • How “Loss Of” Coverage’s Are A Money-Sucking Waste of Cash: See how these extra coverage’s that your Car Insurance Company sold you can be bought elsewhere….for 10 times less than what they’re charging you.
  • Do You Have Roadside Assistance or Rental Car Reimbursement On Your Policy?: Then you’re paying 2 times what you should for this coverage.  And….find out why your Car Insurance Company will raise your insurance rates if you ever use them.
  • What Does Your State Require?: Review a complete list of all 50 States – see what your State requires, what special steps you might have to take so your car insurance company doesn’t automatically add certain coverage’s and make sure your car insurance company doesn’t get one-red-cent more than they deserve.
  • What Questions You Need To Ask Your Car Insurance Company and When You Need To Ask Them: A complete checklist for you to use so you know what to say, when to say it, and tips you can use if your car insurance company starts using tricky sales tactics – the checklist is what you use to put your new-found knowledge to work – and slash your car insurance cost’s forever.
  • Why The Car Insurance Companies That Bombard the Airways With Their Advertising Are The Worst Places To Shop For Car Insurance: And you’ll discover six auto insurance companies with superior service and great rates – some you’ve probably never heard of – that can spank the living daylights out of the BIG car insurance companies and get you perhaps another 17% discount.
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