Top 10 City Cars

4) Peugeot 108

Peugeot 108
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Peugeot’s compact city car is available in three-door hatchback and cabrio variants. Manufacturers now offer as many as eight paint finishes, nine interior ambiences, and seven personalization themes to allow new buyers to make their 108s truly unique.


The 108 is available with an optional 7-inch color touchscreen display, which acts as the interface for the car’s audio system and doubles as a screen for the backup cam. Other options consist of digital radio, keyless entry, push button start, climate control and Bluetooth connectivity.


Peugeot also opted to pack the 108 with a range of safety features including tire pressure sensors, multiple airbags, and the newest gen electronic stability program (ESP). Other features such as the car’s optional automatic air conditioning allows for different temperature settings in the front and back. A choice of stylish interior trims is available depending on the 108 variant one chooses to buy.

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