Top 10 City Cars

9) Skoda Citigo

 Skoda Citigo
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Competitively priced for the European market and matching the best features of the most popular cars in its segment, the 2017 Citigo is Skoda’s five-door small city car. It is designed to be compact, agile and spacious. The 1.0 litre, three-cylinder petrol engine is meant to be flexible; equally at home while driving around town or outside of the city. A low environmental signature is a desirable by-product of the car’s efficient engine.

The Citigo has received exceptional safety ratings. Its built-in electronic stabilization control system ensures total directional control during evasive maneuvers and in imperfect driving conditions. Ventilated front disc brakes provide more than sufficient stopping power. Other tech specs also match the best cars in its category.

Skoda claims it to be one of the best equipped cars in class, even without the vast array of optional extras. A range of financing options is available to ease immediate ownership.

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