10) MGB Roadster: Year: 1962-1967

MGB Roadster

MGB Roadster / Wikimedia

The MGB was first offered in 1962 and succeeded the MGA. The designers did away with the body-on-frame concept and opted to give the car a monocoque structure. The design was innovative for its time. It also turned out to be lighter and cheaper to produce.

The car was equipped with a 1,798 cc engine which produced 95 hp at 5,400 rpm. Many would consider it puny by today’s standards, but in 1962 these stats made people take notice. The MGB could accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just over 11 seconds. The engine was further upgraded in 1964.

The roadster had two seats to start with. A small rear seat was added in a few cars but eventually discontinued in favor of more cabin space. The car’s innovative features included crumple zones for crash safety. Its soft independent front suspension provided a comfortable ride quality.

Overall the MGB Roadster received excellent market response, becoming one of the best selling cars in its class.