Top 10 Electric Cars

Top Electric cars 2017
Top Electric cars 2017

10) Nissan Leaf

Nissan Leaf / Image Credit: Wikimedia

The car is currently being offered in three variants, the highest end of which is the ‘SL’. It retails in the US starting at $36,790. The car’s single speed reduction gear provides a smooth ride and exceptional range.

The Leaf’s operating range is almost three times the average Americans’ daily commute. The most noteworthy feature of the car is its faster estimated charge time with a 240 volt charging dock and 6.6 kW onboard charger, which is standard on this variant. Leaf battery packs can be charged from fully depleted to 80% charged in as little as 30 minutes using DC fast charging.

Nissan_Leaf Interior
Nissan Leaf Dashboard Image Credit : Wikimedia Commons

The car is also equipped with an advanced drive selector. When shifted to B-Mode, the selector additionally increases the regenerative braking force and brake response. Even the car’s lights add to its range. The headlights are designed to deflect the airflow away from the car’s side mirrors to reduce noise and drag. Automatic on/off LED low beam headlights are also standard.

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