Top 10 Exotic Sports Cars

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8) Ford GT

Ford GT
Ford GT 2017 © Wikimedia Commons

Ford’s legendary GT40 won the 24 hours of Le Mans in 1966. Ford celebrated the 50th year of that important victory with the second gen GT, and 2016 saw the rebirth of one of America’s most iconic cars.

The 2017 Ford GT has a 3.5 litre twin turbocharged V6 engine. It has something called EcoBoost, which is Ford’s proprietary technology for getting better fuel efficiency and fewer greenhouse emissions from their newest class of high performance engines. Expect to see a lot more of these engines on Ford’s supercars in future.

The car uses aluminum subframes, a carbon fiber monocoque and carbon fiber body panels to reduce weight. Its windshield is made of the same glass that’s used in smartphone screens. In the end the car ends-up with one of the best power-to-weight ratios of any production car. The 2017 Ford GT has been given butterfly doors, which became all the rage in 1996 when they were seen on the McLaren F1.

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