Top 10 Hybrid Cars


4) Toyota Prius

2017-Toyota-Prius-Four- (1)
Photo Credit: Toyota

The Toyota Prius is probably the best known of all hybrid cars, and has been around for a long time. The 2017 Prius is in its fourth generation. US retail prices start from $24,685.

Toyota’s design improvements for the fourth generation Prius will mean a lower center of gravity and a more rigid car body. These features will translate into better handling and better ride quality. Toyota has even improved the already exceptional aerodynamic qualities of the car, making the external shape slightly different.

The car has also been made lighter. Toyota achieved this by using higher power density batteries, smaller electric motors and advanced gasoline engine technology which improved engine efficiency.

Prius’ fuel economy has improved with every generation. The car is now estimated to get an outstanding city fuel economy of 50 mpg. Prius now also features Toyota’s updated safety features, sensors, monitors and alerts.

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