Top 10 Hybrid Cars


3) Toyota Prius C

Toyota Prius C
Photo Credit: Toyota

The ‘C’ denotes city. It means this variant of the Prius costs less than the regular version and still gets better fuel economy during city driving. After verifying this claim in the US by through testing, the EPA ranked the Prius C as the most fuel efficient compact car, save for plug-in hybrids. US retail prices start from $20,150.

The car’s 1.5 litre, aluminum, DOHC, 16 Valve, inline four cylinder engine with variable valve timing produces 73 hp @ 4800 rpm. The engine features sequential multi point EFI with electronic throttle control system, and can be run in EV or ECO modes.

A 25.9 hp sealed nickel-metal hydride battery pack runs the car’s 60 hp electric motor. The combined maximum output of the gas electric hybrid system is 99 hp. The power goes to the front wheels via Toyota’s electronically controlled continuously variable transmission.

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