Top 10 Hybrid Compact Cars

7) Toyota Prius


2017-Toyota-Prius-Four- (1)
Photo Credit: Toyota

The Prius is by far the world’s largest selling hybrid passenger car and an icon unto itself. Realizing the value and importance of the car, several governments around the world offer incentives or rebates on its purchase. Even insurance companies offer reduced rates and better deals on the Prius. For some time large corporations including Google offered incentives and rewards to employees who chose to buy Priuses.

The Prius packs a compact and lightweight engine with an impressive compression ratio of 13:1. It provides sufficient power for everyday use and couples with the car’s electric motor to generate more bhp when needed.

The interiors of the 2017 Prius leave little to be desired. Audio, navigation, wireless charging of devices, smartphone compatibility and even sonar are built-in. In addition to accommodating five passengers in ample comfort the car has sizeable storage space.

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