Top 10 Hybrid Compact Cars

3) Ford C-Max


Ford’s multipurpose plug-in hybrid compact version of the Focus is a versatile and spacious five seater family car that does not look like a futuristic gizmo on the outside.

The gas electric hybrid variant comes with an intuitive voice recognition system which responds to a range of commands. This system can monitor the car’s power flow status and display it on the screen to show how and why the power is being used. It can access charging specifications and use the navigation system to located the nearest charging station. The car’s smart screen has a multitude of customizable settings that can help the driver understand the effects of driving habits on the vehicle’s efficiency.

On the outside the C-Max has the standard 5-door MAV look of a Focus with LED signature lighting and some additional trims. Remote liftgate release and power liftgate features are now available. The available panoramic roof is fixed though, instead of tilting and sliding like in some of the other cars in class.

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