Top 10 Luxury Compact Cars

BMW 2-series
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1) Audi RS3

Audi RS3
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Audi first unveiled its RS range in 1999 with the RS2. The range embodies Audi’s heritage of motorsport success and imbues it into the high performing road cars. The 2017 RS3 saloon is the newest addition to Audi’s A3 family. It has sculpted body styling with aggressive lines and a bold stance.

Under the RS3’s shapely hood is the 400 PS version of Audi’s 2.5 litre, five cylinder TFSI engine. The potent power is transmitted to the road through a seven speed dual clutch S tronic transmission and quattro four-wheel drive. This combination makes the RS3 capable of going from 0 to 62 mph in less than 4.1 seconds.

RS sports suspension and RS braking systems come as standard. A multifunctional steering and an extremely functional, ergonomic central console allow the driver to focus on what is important, the road in front. With all the features of a luxury sports car enhanced by Audi in keeping with the RS lineage, the RS3 is sure to be a great ride.

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