Top 10 Luxury Compact Cars

BMW 2-series
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4) BMW 2-series

BMW 2-series 2017
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The new 2-series coupes and cabrios are compact luxury cars which fall into BMW’s updated, even and odd number naming convention. Odd numbers are for sedans while evens are for coupes. The 2-series has evolved from BMW’s rich sports car heritage.

The series encompasses a range of models including coupes and convertibles. These cars are meant to be agile and precise. Case in point is the M240i coupe, which sprints from 0 to 60 mph in 4.4 seconds, thanks to a 335 hp engine and rear wheel drive. 2-series cars are available with automatic or manual transmissions and with optional four wheel drive.

BMW has allowed for plenty of options and extras for buyers to customize each car with things like a sunroof and choice of trim. The convertible variant’s push button soft top folds down in 22 seconds and works at speeds up to 30 mph. Near-perfect weight distribution adds to the handling quality. Series retail prices in the US start from $33,150.

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