Top 10 Luxury Crossover SUVs

Crossover SUVs

5) 2017 BMW X5


The new X5 sDrive35i is powered by BMW’s 3.0 litre, inline, twin-turbo, 6-cylinder engine with a peak torque of 300 lb-ft @ 1200 rpm, and virtually no turbo lag. Max power output is 300 hp @ 5800 rpm. Buyers can opt to get Dynamic Performance Control and Active Roll Stabilization to improve the X5’s performance, enhance handling, eliminate body roll and get the most out of the crossover. For even higher performance, there is the optional xDrive, BMW’s intelligent AWD system, which ensures maximum traction in all road conditions. This can be combined with 19″ all-season run-flat tires.


The X5 is not just a nimble SUV. Optional 20-way multi-contour seats add comfort to the front. Padded back seats with 3” of front/back movement and two add-on 10.2” LCD screens with a DVD drive improve things in the back. A third row with its own climate control can be added to increase the car’s seating capacity. Other extras include a Wi-Fi hotspot and wireless charging pocket.

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