Top 10 Luxury Sports Cars

6)Jaguar F-Type

Jaguar F-Type 2017

The 2017 F‑Type is meant to be powerful, agile and distinctive. Jaguar’s two-door, two-seater sports car was designed as a replacement for the XK and was rolled out in 2013. The car is being offered in coupe and convertible body styles. US retail prices start at $61,400.

The F-Type coupe features a 340 hp supercharged V6 engine coupled with a highly responsive 6-speed manual transmission, or an 8-speed automatic transmission with sport mode. Jaguar’s sport exhaust system with center-mounted twin exhaust pipes emits pleasant sounds when the engine revs.

The F-Type is available with AWD and RWD configurations. Jaguar’s advanced all wheel drive incorporates intelligent driveline dynamics to offer impressive handling. A lightweight aluminum base structure with high torsional rigidity further enhances the drive quality. In keeping with racecar heritage, the F-Type has torque vectoring. This feature applies controlled independent braking of the inside wheels, adding to the turning forces and improving the steering response.

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