Top 10 Hatchbacks

2017 Honda Fit

4) 2017 Volkswagen GTI

Volkswagen GTI 2017

The GTI poses as a peppy variant of the popular family hatch when actually it can be quite an understated beast. In reality the GTI is VW’s iconic hot hatch. Its pricing reflects as much. While the regular Golf retails from $19,895, the GTI starts at 25,595, nearly 30% more.

Unlike VW’s family cars, the Golf was built for the autobahns, which are German superhighways with no speed limits. To this end VW packed a turbocharged 2.0 litre TSI engine under the Golf’s hood. They also gave the car a sport suspension to handle those tricky corners.

For those who want even more and don’t mind shelling out a bit extra, there are a number of performance upgrades available for the GTI. In 2007 VW went overboard and created a super souped-up version of the GTI, the GTW W12. They took a 6.0 litre, W12 engine from a Bentley Continental GT and somehow packed it under the GTI’s hood, giving it a top power of 641 bhp.

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