Top 10 Hatchbacks

2017 Honda Fit

5) 2017 Toyota Prius

Toyota Prius 2017

The Prius became the world’s first mass produced hybrid car when Toyota started selling it in Japan in 1997. Thanks to the massive demand for a fuel efficient car in a power hungry world, the Prius achieved global sales of more than a million units in less than ten years from its launch. That alone ought to have slowed global warming down a bit.

Prius was more than just economical. It was practical as a family car and had all the reliability of a Toyota. While selling millions upon millions of Priuses, Toyota also evolved the car, constantly thinking forward and giving consumers what they needed.

The 2017 Prius has been given an updated engine which displaces 1.8 litres. It is made from aluminum block and features all the relevant engine technologies including variable valve timing and DOHC. It produces 95 hp on its own, and is supplemented by the car’s hybrid electric motor.

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