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5 Common Signs that Your Vehicle Needs a Service

by David J

5 Common Signs that Your Vehicle Needs a Service

Car maintenance involves knowing when your car needs a service. There’s a best time to have a car tuned up, to have the transmission checked, or to have the brake pads replaced. For example, experts recommend taking your car for a tune up every 25, 000 to 30,000 miles in order to keep the car going efficiently. Here are the top 5 signs that your vehicle needs a service.

Grinding or other Strange Noises

This is often the most common reason why you need to take the it for car repairs in South Auckland. Dirty vehicle transmission can lead to grinding and other strange sounds while the engine is running. If your transmission fluid is black or brown black due to dirt and grime instead of the normal bright red, then you need to take the car in for a transmission flush. 

Unusual Exhaust Odour

A strange smell, one that resembles rotten eggs could indicate a problem with the catalytic converter which is part of the emissions control system of the car. This is enough reason to take the car in for a service.

Gear Problems 

Shifting gear problems such as gears changing too late or too quickly is another sign of a transmission problem. This often indicates a transmission that contains too much dirt or sludge. If you have a manual transmission, problems like this will make it hard to change gears at all. You may also experience problems such as delay in movement after you put the car in gear. Another sign is when the car tends to surge forward for no reason at all. All these are signs of a dirty transmission or a related problem that can be prevented with timely and regular servicing. 

Owner’s Manual Recommendations

Manufacturers usually include recommended mileage for tune-up purposes for that specific model of vehicle. It is best to refer to the recommended tune-up intervals to make sure that the vehicle is working efficiently. However, it is still highly recommended that even if you follow these recommendations, watching out for the signs mentioned above can also help you keep your car in better shape. 

Your Warrant of Fitness (WOF) is Due

A WOF in South Auckland is required to ensure that your vehicle is in tip-top shape. New Zealand requires all vehicles running in the country to pass a warrant of fitness test or the owner becomes liable with a fine and loss of the privilege to drive the vehicle inside the country. A warrant of fitness covers all the basics when it comes to safety such as tyre condition, brake operation, glazing, doors, safety belts, lights, and the overall structural condition of the vehicle. You will need to get your car tuned up and serviced if you want to pass the warrant fitness examination for your car so you can legally drive it in New Zealand roads and highways.

Keep your vehicle in tip-top shape by taking it in for regular servicing as recommended by your manufacturer and depending on the particular needs of your car. If you are looking for companies that do vehicle servicing in South Auckland is home to numerous auto service shops that offer this service to keep your vehicle running smoothly for years to come.

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