Best Full-Size Sedans

Chevrolet Impala
Chevrolet Impala 2017

10) Chevrolet Impala

Chevrolet Impala 2017

Chevy first built and sold the Impala in 1957. The car remained Chevy’s top offering in the segment. Soon the Impala gained much popularity, eventually becoming the precursor to many models and generations of the car.

Starting from $27,300 in the US, the tenth generation, 2017 Impala is at the top of the rankings of the best affordable large cars on the market. The Impala is spacious and has a number of safety features incorporated. A built-in 4G LTE Wi-Fi keeps occupants connected. Chevy claims that the Impala’s Wi-Fi can link up to seven devices and get a more powerful connection than any smartphone.

The base model comes with a 2.5 litre 4 cylinder engine, while the top end model is equipped with a 3.6L DOHC V6 DI engine with Variable Valve Timing (VVT) and a max output of 306 hp. 6 speed automatic transmission comes as standard with both variants.

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