Top 10 City Cars

7) Seat Mii

Seat Mii

Seat’s new small family city car seeks to combine styling and technology to offer exceptional economy while looking good. New owners also get to pick from a range of customizable options to help them show off their creative side. While most cars can be had in a choice of colors for the outside, the Mii can also be personalized with interior colors. Details of the dash and steering wheel, upholstery and road wheels can all be handpicked.

The optional sunroof makes the compact car seem more spacious. A smartphone holder in the middle of the car’s dash, a compatible audio system and an app designed specifically for the Mii combine to provide exceptional connectivity on the go. Even the menu color on the car’s infotainment system can be personalized.

The car’s sensors make parallel parking easier. A number of safety features have contributed to the car’s five-star safety rating as awarded by EuroNCAP. 

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