Top 10 Classic Convertibles

Shelby Cobra / Wikimedia

8) Ford Mustang Convertible: Year: 1964-1965

Ford Mustang Convertible
Ford Mustang Convertible / Image Credit : Sicnag” Flicker

Ford evolved its compact car into the production version of the Mustang in 1964, creating a whole new class. This class came to be known as the ‘pony car’ for being small, fast and sporty. Aficionados dubbed the 1964 Ford Mustang ‘1964½’ because it was unveiled in April of that model year, despite the fact that Ford sold them all as 1965 models.

Mustang was only offered at the time in coupe and convertible versions. A fastback version was added later. The Mustang’s engine was upgraded from 2.8 litres to 3.3 litres, which increased its output from 101 bhp to 120 bhp. Another engine variant, the V8 version, was enlarged from 4.3 to 4.7 litres and went from producing 164 hp to 210 hp.

Mustang’s transmission was also pretty standard, with the choice between three and four speed manual gearboxes. Because of its rapid evolution from an earlier Ford car the Falcon, some Mustangs retained the Falcon logo which had to be hidden or removed.

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