Top 10 Compact Cars

Volkswagen-Golf 2017-

3) Volkswagen Golf

Volkswagen Golf 2017

VW’s small family car has a long history, with seven generations having been produced since 1974. The original Golf Mk1 replaced a no less iconic car than the VW beetle. As opposed to the Beetle, it had a front engine and FWD.

The Golf currently being offered in the US market retails from $19,895. Thanks to VW’s App-Connect system, the occupants can watch their select smartphone apps appear on the touchscreen display of the car simply by plugging in a compatible device.

Keyless access with push-button start, rearview camera, lane assist, park assist, rear traffic alert and adaptive cruise control are just some of the car’s available features. The Golf’s 1.8-liter turbocharged engine gets the best of economy and performance. Tiptronic technology with sport mode transmission is available for those who prefer to shift gears with a quick tap of the shifter.

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