Top 10 Electric Cars

Top Electric cars 2017
Top Electric cars 2017

10) BMW i3

BMW i3
BMW i3 / Image: Wikimedia

The i3 is a pure electric car that uses an innovative BMW technology called lifedrive architecture. Essentially, this is a two piece structure which is strong, rigid and surprisingly light. The result of using this construction is improved agility, driving range, and interior comfort for the passengers. BMW achieved this by removing the car’s B-pillar and center console.

Another advantage of this design is openness and improved cabin space for four passengers. For an even more spacious feel the car is available with a power moonroof.

BMW i3
BMW i3 / Wikimedia

BMW also gave the i3 an amazing navigation system. This assistant comes with a dynamic range map which takes into account the battery level, driving style, traffic situation and topographical information to show the most efficient route.

US retail prices for the i3 start at $42,400. According to some estimates the cost of ownership can be reduced by up to $7,500 in federal tax credits.

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