Top 10 Electric Cars

Top Electric cars 2017
Top Electric cars 2017

8) Mercedes-Benz B-class Electric Drive

Mercedes-Benz B-class Electric Drive /Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Mercedes-Benz engineered their first all-electric vehicles in 1906, which makes them pioneers in the field, with over a hundred years of head start. Employing decades of practical experience and feedback, they didn’t make the B250e look like something from a science fiction movie.

In its aerodynamic sculpting and athletic stance the car looks just like any other Mercedes-Benz on the road. Except for the iconic front grille, it blends with other cars perfectly. The B-series electric is also roomy, versatile and generously outfitted.

Image Credit: Wikimedia

The car’s electric drivetrain is tucked away under the cabin floor and the short hood to maximize interior space. The energy module and high-capacity battery are spread-out under the floor for a lower center of gravity. This gives the car a nimble, sporty and stable handling.

The versatility of folding rear seats and a wide-opening hatch are other welcome features, as are the multifunction steering wheel and power adjustable front seats. US retail prices start at $39,900.

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