Top 10 Electric Cars

Top Electric cars 2017
Top Electric cars 2017

5) Honda Clarity

 Honda Clarity
Honda Clarity / Image Credit: United States government work

The Clarity is much more than a highly efficient fuel cell vehicle. It combines the functionality of an everyday sedan with next generation technologies.

The car’s head-up display presents information in an unobtrusive and elegant way so that there is minimum eye movement for the driver when checking the stats. Honda LaneWatch is a feature which starts displaying a live video feed of the passenger-side roadway on the car’s center display as soon as the driver engages the right turn signal.

Keyless entry, Apple CarPlay functionality, android compatibility, satellite linked navigation, an eight inch touchscreen display and a 12 speaker audio system are standard features.

The resilient fuel tanks are mounted in some of the most secure areas of the car, safe from nearly any impact. Moreover, hydrogen is the lightest gas around and quickly dissipates in case of the smallest leak, instead of accumulating.

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