Top 10 Exotic Sports Cars

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9) Ferrari 488 GTB

Ferrari 488 GTB
Ferrari 488 GTB © Wikimedia Commons

In 2015 Ferrari rolled out the 488 to succeed the 458. It had been 40 years since Ferrari’s first Berlinetta 308 GTB was sold, and they felt it was time for a rehash.

The nomenclature follows the classic Ferrari model designation. The 488 name comes from the car’s engine. It has eight cylinders, each with a capacity of 488cc, totaling to 3.9 litres. For Ferrari, size clearly matters.

The mid-engined 488 GTB supercar is powered by a 3.9 litre twin turbocharged V8 which puts out 661 hp and 561 lb·ft of torque. It has a manual 7 speed F1 gearbox with a dual clutch, which comes directly from the 458. Ferrari claims that the 488 GTB goes from 0 to 60 mph in less than 3 seconds and has a top speed north of 205 mph.

Ferrari has made good use of their rich experience from F1 and GT racing. Some of the 488’s engine components are made of titanium alloy. Its body design increases downforce by 50% over the 458 while improving engine cooling. Even the door handles are aerodynamic.

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