Top 10 Hybrid Cars


5) Lexus CT

Lexus CT

With the new Lexus CT, technology inside the cabin gets nearly as much importance as the science under the hood. The car’s driver centric cockpit has been designed to retain all of the driver’s attention on the road.

Lexus mobile app, free for the first year, provides access to all the car’s necessary information and stats such as fuel level, mileage, maintenance alerts and vehicle health reports. It can also remotely start, stop, lock and unlock the car, and makes it much easier to locate the vehicle in a crowded parking lot. The app will send automated alerts to the owner in case a preset speed or distance limit is exceeded. This functionality is useful in case the car is loaned to another driver.

The CT’s 10-speaker premium sound system is meant to provide an immersive entertainment experience. The versatility of a customizable cargo area and five-door access is certainly an advantage as well.

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