Top 10 Hybrid Compact Cars

6) Lexus CT

Lexus CT

The CT has the look and feel to qualify as a premium sport compact hatchback. It is also one of the most fuel efficient gasoline cars around.

In addition to its efficient engine and robust hybrid system the car has a number of useful interior features. Standard on the ‘F Sport’ variant, the built-in Lexus app suite provides access to the most used mobile applications using the car’s center console display. 3D city map views, up-to-date traffic info and real time weather reports can be accessed using voice commands. This system can map millions of points of interest and can work in three languages.

The CT offers a subscription-free traffic and weather service via HD Radio, which Lexus claims in an industry first. This feature can assist with the most recent information updates on road congestion and changing weather conditions displayed right on the car’s primary console screen

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