Top 10 Luxury Sedans

8) Rolls-Royce Phantom

Rolls-Royce Ghost Series II
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The Phantom remains the signature car and flagship of the Rolls-Royce marque. Buyers commission their Phantoms with a range of personalizations such as 800 individual fibre optic lights hand-fitted into the roof lining, bookmatched veneers, intricate designs and embroidery, and a unique choice of colour palette from 44,000 hues. Individual crests, initials and insignias can also be added.

Rolls-Royce leather specialists fashion, cut, stitch and fit up to 450 individual pieces by hand, using traditional tools. It takes nine hides to finish each car’s interior, and each set of veneers comes from a single tree. The Phantom’s long wheelbase and bonnet, as well as the classic 2:1 proportions of the wheel to body-height ratio provide the scale and status to give it a commanding presence.

The plush interiors feature deep lambswool rugs underfoot, three-flute heated seats and umbrellas concealed in each rear door.

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