Top 10 Sports Cars 2017

Top Sport Cars 2017
Top Sport Cars 2017

3)Subaru BRZ

2017-Subaru BRZ

Developed in collaboration with Toyota, this fastback sports coupe has been manufactured by Subaru since 2012.  The 2017 BRZ packs a naturally aspirated 2.0 litre, horizontally opposed, Subaru Boxer engine. This power pack is tuned to put out as much as 205 hp. The engine’s Dual Active Valve Control System optimizes power without the need for a turbo. The flat engine design makes for a low center of mass and better handling.


In keeping with Subaru tradition the car has been designed to be extremely responsive. The 6-speed fully synchronized close ratio manual transmission is a step in the right direction. Also available is a 6-speed automatic transmission with paddle shifters. The car’s low curb weight and optimal weight distribution further improve handling.

The BRZ’s infotainment system enables apps for news, navigation, weather, music and other multimedia content. Subaru claims a city fuel economy of 24 mpg for the car. US retail prices start from $25,495.

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