Top 10 Sports Sedans


1) Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio

Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio
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The Giulia was finally unveiled in 2015 after several design delays. With all the technology incorporated in the car’s design, the wait seems to have been worthwhile. Quadrifoglio represents the top end of the Giulia range.

The car’s frame, body and suspension combine steel, aluminum and carbon fiber to create a balanced look, feel and performance. The 2017 Quadrifoglio features a longitudinally mounted 2,891 cc all aluminum, twin turbocharged 90° V6 petrol engine, which was developed by Ferrari. The engine develops 503 bhp at 6,500 rpm. It also has ‘cylinder deactivation’ which means that three of the six cylinders can be switched off. This improves emissions and fuel economy.

Rear wheel drive is standard, although AWD models are also expected. Like the 2017 BMW M3, the Quadrifoglio has a 50/50 weight distribution. This essentially means that there is equal weight on both axles. An adjustable carbon fiber spoiler improves downforce and handling.

The Quadrifoglio has a double wishbone front suspension and a multilink rear suspension. Torque vectoring technology optimizes traction without reducing power.


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