Top 10 Hatchbacks

2017 Honda Fit

6) 2017 Chevrolet Bolt

Chevrolet Bolt 2017
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The Bolt is Chevy’s entry into the subcompact, fully electric hatchback segment. The starting price of $36,620 seems a bit steep for a car of its size, but subsidies, tax incentives and savings on gas should more than compensate for much of it. At least that is what the manufacturers are advertising. Chevy is claiming a range of 238 miles with a fully charged battery pack in the Bolt.

Electric cars are beyond doubt the future, and Chevy has achieved a good head start in the Bolt. Already the car brims with futuristic technologies and conveniences which will one day be considered standard features on all cars. The basic model Bolt boasts electronic precision transmission, rear view camera, self sealing tires and a large, multifunctional color touchscreen. Along with these features the premier model of the car has also been equipped with a heated steering wheel, and surround vision for added safety.

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